Motif feat. Pamela Nyambo


Our 6th release on Touchstone Recordings is the follow up to ‘Never Let Go’ from Motif (Aaron Taylor & Thomas Lemmer). ‘Strong’ features the beautiful vocals of Pamela Nyambo, whose gospel roots positively shine through in this heart-felt performance. The Original version, although not for the dance floor, is an electronic ballad, something for after hours sessions. Providing the club mixes first up is Danny Stubbs, with a gorgeous progressive trance production. Kicking off in fine style with vocal cuts and a wash of pads, his melodic, simple, deep & spacious mix is a lush backdrop for Pamela’s voice. Walsh & McAuley, Northern Ireland’s rising stars, crank up the main room knobs in their remix. Laying the groundwork with tight, heavily panned percussion and gated synth lines, they tease in the vocal before returning to a dark groove, punctuated with mysterious vocal snatches and FX. Nothing prepares the listener for the payoff after the break though – a distorted lead and acidic burblings lift the remix into the trance stratosphere. The ‘Alternative’ mix is another down tempo excursion, more powerful & heavily produced than the Original. Last up is the useful Padapella, which needs no explanation.

1. Original Mix

2. Danny Stubbs Remix

3. Walsh & McAuley Remix

4. Alternative Mix

5. Padapella


Written by Aaron Taylor
Composed by Aaron Taylor & Thomas Lemmer
Vocals by Pamela Nyambo
Published by Solarstone Music Limited
(P) & © 2012 Touchstone Recordings