Nothing Is Forever

Our 8th release on Touchstone Recordings comes from Australian Engin Ogutveren aka Majera. Engin’s musical output could hardly be considered prolific, but when he does deliver new music it is always something to seek out and treasure. ‘Nothing Is Forever’ is taken from his forthcoming album ‘Tomorrow Never Was’ on Touchstone. His sound has developed somewhat since his debut outing ‘Velvet Sun’ on Deepblue in 2006, now taking a deeper progressive route, a sound which perfectly compliments his love of intricate melodies and intelligent sometimes quirky arrangements. ‘Nothing Is Forever’ moves at a sedentary 118bpm, fusing analogue sounds & sequences with state of the art production - guess you’d call it FutuRetro meets Italo. Flipping the record entirely on its head is newbie Trance whizz-kid Matt Bukovski, who’s remix ticks all the main-room boxes whilst managing to remain faithful to the Original versions melodic signature. One mix for mature sophisticated floors, another for peak-time hedonistic madness.

1. Original Mix

2. Matt Bukovski Remix


Written & produced by Engin Ogutveren
Published by Solarstone Music Limited
(P) & © 2012 Touchstone Recordings