Simon Templar


Our 12th release on Touchstone Recordings comes from Simon Templar, one half of Finnish production team Winkee of ‘Whisper’ fame. The glorious ‘Meltwater’ comes in two magnificent slabs of brooding progressive big-room Pure Trance. From the intro of Part 1, there’s no mistaking the power and other-worldliness of this double-header; eerie pads provide the opening, and from there on it’s all driving percussion, hypnotic dark melodies and a heads-down, floor-friendly arrangement. Part II takes things darker still, pin-sharp hits & stabs set the scene whilst filtered pads morph & twist around the mix. When the lead progression opens up it’s full throttle all the way. Unmistakably massive.

1. Meltwater Part I

2. Meltwater Part II


Written & produced by Jussi Paasonen
Published by Solarstone Music Limited
(P) & © 2013 Touchstone Recordings