Adam Nickey

Perfect Destiny 2013

Our 19th release on Touchstone Recordings is a fresh spin on a classic track from Adam Nickey. Rewind to 2006 and a classic release on the much loved, but now defunct Deepblue Recordings: Adam Nickey’s ‘Perfect Destiny’. Former label owner Solarstone plucked this forgotten gem from the Deepblue archive and has given it a set of stunning new mixes for 2013.

Beginning with the Finnish Winkee’s beautiful mix (which opens Solarstone’s ‘Pure Trance Vol. II’ album) the track has lost none of its charm and sophistication. Staying faithful to the Original’s melodic ebb & flow, Winkee have underpinned the melodies with layers of Pure Trance lusciousness. Huge soaring pads provide the euphoria and the tribal percussion in the break provides the drama. Fellow Finlander Allende matches the majesty of Winkee’s mix with his own piece of brilliance. Tougher than the Winkee mix, this is more peak time stuff, kicking off with an acidic arpeggio Allende brings a twist to the proceedings with his extension of the chord progression and a sharp stabbing riff. But don’t think it ends there, at the midpoint a huge analogue riff reminiscent of classic Tiësto productions thunders into the mix, lifting this piece of music to another level entirely. Completing this package is the classic Original version, which still sounds brilliant today with a fresh re-mastering.

1. Winkee Remix

2. Allende Remix

3. Original Mix (Remastered)

Adam Nickey

Perfect Destiny 2013 (Remixed & Reissued)

The recent mixes from Winkee and Allende scored a home run, now we follow up with another new mix on the 138bpm trance tip from Moonsouls, which stays faithful to the beautiful melodies and progressions from the original whilst giving it a modern peak time trance sheen. Additionally this package reissues the 2005 mix package which have been unavailable for some time, including the Original PT II version & Ambient Mix from Adam himself, Alexey Selin's rework and also a previously unreleased chillout version from Go! Dream.

1. Moonsouls Remix

2. Part II

3. Ambient Mix

4. Alexey Selin Remix

5. Go! Dream's Ambient Rework


Written & produced by Sebastian Wichary
Published by Solarstone Music Limited
(P) & © 2013 Touchstone Recordings