Vadim Zhukov

Moscow Morning

Vadim Zhukov's "Moscow Morning" was originally released on the (now defunct) Deep Blue Records label back in 2006 under the artist name of Double V. Since then, a new act has laid claim to that name, so Vadim decided to use his real name for this release of new and reissued mixes. Leading the charge is Ultimate's rocking 138bpm pure trance mix which is a perfect example of what a modern remix update should be. It is completely faithful to the wonderful melodies and progressions of the original 2006 release but envelops them in a 100% bang-up-to-date peak-time trance mix.

On a much deeper note is a remix by Vadim himself under his renowned Stanley Progman alias, which takes us on an immersive trip down a minimal trance-for-adults road. Finally, the elusive ImmerSense guys darken up the atmosphere somewhat with spooky sequencers, eerie atmospherics and experimental percussive elements in their progressive trance remake.

1. Ultimate Remix

2. Stanley Progman Remix

3. ImmerSense Remix

Vadim Zhukov

Moscow Morning Reissues

This package makes available again all the classic mixes from 2006, including the timeless Original Mix plus Bobina, Sound Fiction and Andy Hagerty remakes. Also included is the bonus track "Setting Sun".

1. Original Mix

2. New Year Remix

3. Bobina Surprise Remix

4. Sound Fiction Remix

5. Andy Hagerty Ambient Version

6. Setting Sun


Written & produced by Vadim Zhukov
Published by Solarstone Music Limited
(P) & © 2014 Touchstone Recordings