Our 23rd release on Touchstone Recordings comes from Driftmoon. Driftmoon's recent success with "Howl At The Moon" has certainly fuelled their studio mojo; The Uplifting Mix of Luminance is a slab of top quality uplifting and pure euphoric trance. A poignant and ethereal female cry graces the breakdown which is where the magic begins to unfurl; layers of delicate melodic arpeggios open up and unleash a cascade of peak-time trance splendor. The Original Mix has more 2.0 influences with stabbing synth pads and a growling bassline, but retains all the magical musical elements that make this track so special. Beautiful.

1. Uplifting Mix

2. Original Mix

3. Uplifting Mix Edit

4. Original Mix Edit


Written & produced by Miikka Leinonen & Juraj Klička
Published by Solarstone Music Limited
(P) & © 2014 Touchstone Recordings