Outer Pulse

Ethereal Glyph/
Gravity Lights

Outer Pulse are two brothers from Venuzuela and have garnered a loyal fanbase with their warm, organic bassline-driven meticulously layered and unique sound. First up is Ethereal Glyph, taken from Solarstone's Electronic Architecture 3 compilation. It's deep, sultry undertones, ethereal vocals and minor chord changes make this one for those long, sweaty heads-down #138bpm club nights. On the flipside and the uplifting tip is Gravity Lights, where gated pads and a glistening lead synth-line are thrust into the spotlight.

1. Ethereal Glyph

2. Gravity Lights


Written & produced by Outer Pulse
Published by Solarstone Music Limited
(P) & © 2015 Touchstone Recordings