Tomorrow Never Was

Over the last 2 and 1/2 years, in quick succession, Solarstone’s Touchstone Recordings have delivered some 30 DJ-champed singles outings to the scene. In the summer of 2014 that was crowned by the release of the label’s debut compilation album - the Walsh & McAuley mixed ‘Touchstone Recordings Vol. 1’. Now Solarstone is delighted to deliver another next-step in the label’s progression. ‘Tomorrow Never Was’ marks the first artist album release in Touchstone’s compact yet illustrious history and sees Engin ‘Majera’ Ogutveren deliver an 11-track-strong body of music to the label’s door.

The Australian’s most recent EP release ‘Till We Meet Again’/’Remember When’ drew a pantheon of heavyweight spinning support, lit up the Beatport chart, generated a stellar fan reaction & bagged a 9/10 DJ Mag UK Single of Month review.

With his leitmotif of wistfully, enigmatically titled (and sounding) tracks, Melbourne’s Majera now cultivates that singles success into a trance/progressive/trance-progressive tipped long-player. ‘Tomorrow Never Was’ is an album that will enrapture on first listen, but through its endless repeat-listen intricacy has all the makings of a minor classic in its own right.

1. Find Your Way

2. Nothing Is Forever

3. Remember When

4. Able To Forget

5. Drawn To Depth

6. Enola's Chorus

7. Te Echo De Menos

8. Till We Meet Again

9. Tomorrow Never Was

10. No Turning Back

11. Before You Go

12. Velvet Sun (Moonsouls Remix)

13. Nothing Is Forever (Matt Bukovski Remix)

14. Te Echo De Menos (Walsh & McAuley Remix)


Written & produced by Engin Ogutveren
Distributed by Black Hole Recordings
Published by Solarstone Music Limited
(P) & © 2014 Touchstone Recordings